Meet The Founder

Jackie W. Kibler

I connect dots, rock boats, think boldly and am passionate about streamlining sales and operational efficiencies so entrepreneurs and leaders can take their organizations to the next level and thrive. As a first generation American, I watched my family settle in the U.S., work hard, think through obstacles, and realize opportunity in good and bad times. My early experiences sparked my drive for working alongside entrepreneurs helping them recognize the opportunities within their organizations. My experiences with global teams and start-ups taught me that no matter the size of the organization, the key to sustained success centers on people and process. It’s why my focus today is on building up people, creating healthy teams, and managing operations to business goals. Every leader, at one time or another, needs this help. As a Professional EOS Implementer™, (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) I bring my clients the best of what I know with proven organizations tools and processes that are easy to use. More than 61,000 companies currently using EOS® tools and entrepreneurs get significantly better in three areas — VISION, TRACTION® and HEALTHY. This is precisely what my clients need.