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A Consulting Group Focused on Aligning Your Vision, Strategy and Accountability creating Healthy Companies with Great Trajectory

We work with companies to align their vision and strategy while creating an accountability practice and ensuring the right people are doing the right job – everyday. We do this through by looking at three key metrics:

Process, People, & Performance

Ask yourself if your vision is scalable through the years; do you foresee your current operating strategy meeting the vision you have for your company? If you’re not sure, schedule a call with me to discuss your sales strategies and start on the path towards success.

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What is EOS®?

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Our Services

We offer a range of services to assist small business and entrepreneurs grow with a solid sales strategy.

EOS Implementer™

EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) is a leadership development process that helps align all of the aspects of your organization.

Essentially what EOS® does is it breaks down your strategy and vision into bite size pieces. Each piece is broken down into goals which makes it easier to set goals and hold your employees/leadership team accountable to achieve them.

Fractional VP of Sales

When I work with a company, I look at three things: Process, People, and Performance.

I work with companies who need to have a sales or business development infrastructure.

I make sure my clients have the right people to do the job, efficient processes, and performance measurables that will help them grow to the next level.

Sales & Revenue Strategy

Some companies don’t have a sales strategy or their sales strategy has gaps.

So I work from what the vision of the company is, identify where the gaps are, and create a strategy that ties together where the gaps are and what the vision is.

Our testimonials

Jackie Kibler is a remarkable woman, person, professional, leader and entrepreneur. I have been gifted with the opportunity to work with her in the Vistage Worldwide community in her role as Executive of the Pacific Region. She exhibited professionalism, leadership, and a sense of caring that is challenging to find in many leaders. As she fulfils the services of JW Kibler Group, LLC, I can highly recommend her as a valued consultant and advisor.

Marshall Krupp

Vistage Master Chair

I worked closely with Jackie for over 3 years. No matter what challenge we faced, Jackie made it happen. She is direct, honest and when necessary tough. AND, she’s also the BIGGEST supporter you’ll ever have in your corner. Jackie is tireless and committed to helping make the people around her successful. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Anthony DiBiase

Vistage CEO Group

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